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Weight Management

Do you struggle to resist tempting foods and think, "what the hell and eat anyway"?  

Are you struggling with weight loss ?

Hypnosis and NLP are the ideal tools to boost motivation and strengthen determination so that you keep moving forward towards your personal weight loss goal, while at the same time, helping you to avoid the many food traps which cause weight gain. Hypnosis is a proven techique which is effective for weight loss and if you've been looking for hypnosis for weight loss near me, then you've come to the right place. 

Weight gain is about food cravings and acting on impulse, "I ll have just a liitle bit". Hypnosis is a great tool for takling cravings and impulses at the unconscious level through re-educating the unconsious mind which drives impulsive behaviour. It is still important to remember thought that permant changes in weight are maintained through a change in lifestlye. Clinical hypnosis combined with NLP for weight management can bring about these changes far more quickly and easily than you realise.


Coventional dieting tends to involve 'faddy dieting' and unrealistic calorie restriction, which actually causes the body to store fat more easily, and restrictive eating on a daily basis is naturally going to make the body crave food intake, which leads to bingeing and overeating and feelings of guilt and shame, which strengthens comfort eating. This biological process is natural and will always win even if you have strong self-control.


So, your probably wondering 'does hypnotherapy for weight loss work'?  And the short answer is yes, but in order to maintain that new healthy weight it's vital to firstly set up new ways of thinking. This is why I use Nero-Linguistic Programming techniques, so that we can deal with any internal conflcits first.


For example, a common theme in weight loss clients is that they report on an inner battle going off: 'there's a part of me that wants to eat that sugary food, but theres also a part of me that knows I shouldn't. Sound familiar ?



Successful weight loss and weight management is not about 'WHAT YOU EAT', its about 'WHEN YOU EAT', 'WHY YOU EAT' and 'HOW MUCH YOU EAT'. Clinical hypnotherapy & NLP takles the undelying emotions that drive these factors and helps you to take back control of your eating, rather than responding impulisvly to cravings. Together, we will discover when and why you crave certain foods and what you percive to be the psychological benefits . We will also explore your motivations for lossing weight and strengthen theses during the treatment. This will help us to design a special personailsed protocol that will help you to break your unhealthy eating habits.

I will tailor a unique combinitaion of hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming techniques to break your unhealthy subconcious associations with food and replace them with healthy subconcious food associations. If you are determined and willing to give it your best effort, I will do the same, and you will take back control of your weight.

When you leave my clinic after that first session, I would expect you to feel better and more motivated than you have in a long time. But of course, weight loss doesn’t shift overnight. In the following sessions, we will work together to:


Use Nero-Linguistic Programming to:

  • Align your subconscious mind (part that wants to eat unhealthily) with your conscious mind (part that wants to lose weight), so that there is no longer an inner conflict and subsequent mismatch going on

  • Develop your own self-hypnosis skills so that you can manage change, develop solution orientated thinking patterns, and replace unwanted behaviours

  • Reduce any stress in your life, as most overeating is a stress response (e.g., comfort eating), by upskilling you with powerful stress management techniques

Use advanced precision clinical hypnosis to:

  • Motivate you to choose healthful, nutritious, low-calorie foods over sugar rich and/or fatty foods

  • Help you create an intelligent relationship with food so that you develop intelligent decision making about when to eat, how to eat, and when to stop eating

  • Help you to build and enhance your motivation to exercise so that its durable, sustainable and lasting

  • As you lose weight and feel better, gradually introduce self-affirmations and strengthen self-acceptance for lasting change

Are you ready to take up this exciting challenge and utilise weight loss hypnosis that really works?

Lose & maintain weight loss with Hypnotherpy & NLP Weight Loss Neil Dolan Hypnotherapy Coaching Sheffield
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