Fears & Phobias

Do you experience a deep sense of dreed around specific situations, people, places or objects? 

Fears & Phobias: A Stress Response

Both genetic and environmnetal factors cause fears and phobias​. Children exposed to close relatives with an anxiety disorder are at risk of developing (learning) a phobia. Exposure to extreme heights, confined spaces, animal or insect bites, and exposure to distressing events such a nearly drowning, can all cause fear and phobia responses such as panic attacks.. 

A fear becomes a phobia if:

  • the fear is out of proportion to the danger

  • it has been going on for months

  • it has a significant impact on your day to day living.

The brain can only manage a certain level of stress and, as such, phobias tend to occur in response to stress overload. For example, someone may be experiencing a large level of stress in their lives and all of a sudden it becomes too much and triggers a phobic response. The brian during a phobic response is hyperaware and trys to make sense out of the situation by identifying a causal threat in its immediate environment. So, if this happens and you just happen to be looking or near some buttons then the brain may perceive butttons as the threat. It pairs the reaction (creates a specific asociation) to a specific in the environment. This is know as faulty learning.​​

Over come fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

If you suffer from fears or phobias, then its time to change. I can help you through a tailored combination of hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is an effective form of treatment for phobias.

Hypnothery is an ideal form of treatment for fears and phobias. The treatment is gentle and does not force you to face your fear until you are ready and we only strive for the personal goals that you set. It allows you to feel comfertable, relaxed and safe when addressing what you usually avoid through fear and anxiety.

Together, we will explore when and why your fear or phobia developed and identify any thought process which maintain the faulty learnt associations. I will help you to unlearn any faulty learning that has occurred and process information in a rational way.

Fears and phobias if left untreated will be constantly reinforced through avoidance behaviours (safety behaviour) which can lead to long term anxiety and subsequent panic attacks. 

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