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  Fear & Phobia Hypnotherapy Sheffield

  What is Fear or Phobia Hypnotherapy Sheffield Service?

Many excessive fears and phobias  start because of a bad experience or panic attack related to a specific object or situation. Sometimes even seeing or hearing about a bad experience can be enough to trigger a phobia.

Those with specific phobias trigger certain parts of the brain, while a person without these phobias does not have the same response in the brain. Also, a person with a specific phobia can have a different brain structure than a person without that specific phobia.

The event that led to the phobia developing, specificaly the emotional part of that memory gets stuck in the amygdala (emotion centre) and does not get processed like normal memorys and filed away so to speak. This is where fear and phobia hypnotherapy comes in.

Fear and phobia Hypnotherapy Sheffield Service helps individuals to process the emotional components of these memories, we unhook the emotion from the memory so to speak, so that the memory can be viewed without any emotional distress. 

Phobia: A Faulty learning Response

Both genetic and environmnetal factors cause fears and phobias​. Children exposed to close relatives with an anxiety disorder are at risk of developing (learning) a phobia. Exposure to extreme heights, confined spaces, animal or insect bites, and exposure to distressing events such a nearly drowning, can all cause fear and phobia responses such as panic attacks.. 

A fear becomes a phobia if:

  1. the fear is out of proportion to the danger

  2. it has been going on for months

  3. it has a significant impact on your day to day living

The brain can only manage a certain level of stress and, as such, phobias tend to occur in response to stress overload. For example, someone may be experiencing a large level of stress in their lives and all of a sudden it becomes too much and triggers a phobic response. During a phobic response, the brain is hyperaware and trys to make sense out of the situation by identifying a causal threat in its immediate environment.


So, if this happens and you just happen to be looking or near some buttons then the brain may perceive butttons as the threat. Yes, I worked with someone who had a button phobia. It pairs the reaction, creates a specific asociation, to a specific in the environment. This is know as faulty learning.​​

 How Does Fear or Phobia Hypnotherapy Sheffield Service?

Fears or Phobias are quickly treatable in just 2 sessions by  powerfuly combining a neuro-linguistic programming technique with clinical hypnosis, so that you are free from that old fear or phobia.

Fear or phobia hypnotherapy services Sheffield involves me, an accredited psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist, identifying when the fear or phobia first started and working to process that memory utilising NLP and hypnosis in a safe, quiet, and private environment.

It's very important to identify the original event as it's that memory that keeps the fear firmly anchored in place in the emotion centre of the brian. It's what we refer to as the initial sensitising event.

I will take you through a process that strips away the emotion from the memory so that it no longer bothers you and holds you back.

"Hi Neil, I just wanted to thank you so much for your session with mum. She says it has helped by some. I've been overjoyed and in tears today over the news! - The result has exceeded my expectations by loads - we were all at a point that we thought there was nothing that could be done to help! - Claire G.

 Resolve Fears or Phobias With Hypnotherapy Sheffield 

If you suffer from fears or phobias, then its time to change. I can help you through a tailored combination of hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is an effective form of treatment for phobias.

When you suffer from strong fears and/or have phobic attacks, it feels like impending doom and a deep sense of dread, and that its always going to be this way. This is what phobias do to your thinking. It makes you feel certain that you can never escape this way of being. 

It holds you back from going to certain places, being in certain situations, or being around specific objects. It stops you from enjoying the full experience that life has to offer. In short, phobia is dictatorship that scares you into submission.
But when you know how phobias develop, through a process of faulty mismatched learning, and are maintained, then you start to see a new dawn on the horizon.

During our very session together, we will ensure that you fully understand why you have this phobic response and feel this. It has a lot to do with the stress response and the association network in the brain, which leads to that faulty learning and that experience of paralysing fear.

The I will work swiftly to help you unlearn that phobic response, because anything that’s learnt can be unlearnt. Hypnosis & NLP are ideal treatments for phobias as it allows you to address what usually scares you from a dissociated perspective, where you will be feeling very calm and relaxed. 

When you leave my clinic after the first session, I would expect you to have had a significant reduction in your emotional response to the phobia. But of course, all new learning takes a little time to fully settle in and become consolidated in the brain.

During the second, and final session, we will check in to see how effectively your new way of perceiving that old phobia problem has become. I would expect you to have noticed a further significant reduction to where that old phobia barely bothers you at all. 

Fears and phobias if left untreated will be constantly reinforced through avoidance behaviours (safety behaviour) which can lead to long term anxiety and subsequent panic attacks. However, with the right specialist support phobias can be eradicated, opening up a new world of possibilities. 

"Hi Neil, I just wanted to let you know that the surgery went really well and i felt calm and relaxed both before and after the operation.

I had my blood pressure checked at a local clinic I attend and both the nurse and i were shocked to discover that my blood pressure had dropped in to the normal range for the first time in nearly two decades.

Thank you so much for the extra hypnosis recording you gave me." - Beverly G.

In-Person or Online Fear & Phobia Hypnotherapy in Sheffield 

In-Person Fear/Phobia Hypnotherapy

I offer in-person fear/phobia therapy servies so we are able to come together in a safe and comfertable place to resolve your current situation

Online Fear/Phobia Hypnotherapy

Whether you are more comfertable at home, live further away, or live outside the UK, I continue to serve clients globally via Zoom online.

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