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  Client Appreciation Hypnotherapy Sheffield

CultivatedMinds Reviews for Hypnotherapy in Sheffield Services

Below are some of the genuine testimonials and feedback that I have received from some of my clients, which you are welcome to read. 

Confidentiality is key part of my service, however, some clients are happy to go public and provide video testimonials, leave reviews on goolge, and for those who wish to mainatin their confidentiality they have personally shown their appreciation by emailing me with indepth wrtitten feedback.

If you relate to any of the issues my clients were facing and would like to discuss your unique needs with me, them please feel free to contact me in complete confidence, and together we will discuss the ways in which I can help you.

Case Study Video Reviews for Hypnotherapy in Sheffield Services

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  In-depth Client Emailed Reviews for Hypnotherapy in Sheffield Service

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Before my sessions with Neil, I was being consumed by negative thoughts and feelings about myself. I felt worthless and was slowly cutting myself off from those I care about. 


I instantly felt at ease with Neil and quickly built a trusting relationship. Using CBT, coaching, hypnosis and breathing techniques, Neil has helped me to completely change my way of thinking and how I view myself as a person.


I now feel fully equipped with the tools that Neil has given me to handle any further challenges that life may (no doubt will!) throw my way.


I will forever be grateful for the time he has given me and find it comforting knowing that aftercare is offered should I feel like I need it. Thanks again.

(AS, Rotherham)


I can’t thank Neil enough. I hit a crisis point where I couldn’t manage my negative thoughts any longer and couldn’t find a way out of my depression. I had a traumatic childhood and the recent death of my partner triggered memories that sent me into battle with old traumas. I was exhausted, any self-esteem, confidence and self-worth I had disappeared.


With Neil’s help, I have now started to change my life back into a more positive and fulfilling one. He helped me recognise, accept and change my negative thought patterns through a combination of CBT, hypnosis and NLP.


His work is unique, and his therapy responds to you as a unique individual. I was at ease as soon as I met Neil. His empathy and reassuring approach were a big part of my progress. I only had several sessions and thought I’d need a lot more at the start, but he has equipped me with the resources to help me continue with moving forward.


I’m not stuck any longer in a permanent pattern of negative thoughts and I’ve accepted and moved on from my past. My confidence, self-esteem and self-worth are returning. I'm feeling much more relaxed and enjoying my work and relationships again. Thanks Neil.

(JK, Huddersfield)


I came to see Neil as I was feeling so low. Everything was making me stressed, tearful and anxious. I wasn't gaining any joy out of life and just waiting for the next "disaster" to come along. I blamed myself for everything. I knew I was becoming more and more depressed and withdrawn and that I needed help.


Through talking, breathing techniques, hypnosis, coaching and great explanations of how the mind works Neil gave me the tools to get me back on track. Every session was different but all had their reasons which were well explained.


I now feel like the old me if not better! I think it's been so long since I felt truly happy I had fogotten how it felt. I have restarted old hobbies, enjoy seeing friends, feel so much more relaxed and know not to stress about things I can't control but know how to deal with them. Thank you so much Neil.

(SM, Sheffield).

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Just a couple of months ago, I was struggling with anxiety in my day-to-day life and was experiencing panic attacks when out doing social activities. This started around two years ago and I felt I was unable to go out and enjoy my life.


However, after meeting Neil, he offered me a consultation and we started sessions within two weeks. Elements of the sessions that helped me most were hypnosis, particularly around confidence and self-esteem and ‘rewind therapy’ where we established my trigger event and worked together to process this in a more positive way.


Now, I am able to go out with my friends and experience fun life events, which I never thought I would be able to do. This has hugely improved my quality of life and made my relationships stronger.


I can’t thank Neil enough for all of the work and support he has given me, it was all person-centred and we took each week and its challenges as it came, I wish I had started sessions sooner!

I 100% recommend working with Neil! If anyone is experiencing the same as I did, Neil is the person to go to!

(OT, Sheffield)

Stress, Teeth Grinding

I went to Neil for hypnosis to help with teeth grinding and ended up with so much more! It was a few months ago I received treatment and I can say that I barely grind my teeth over night now (only if particularly tired or stressed).


The first session was quite magical - how much I relaxed my jaw and left the clinic feeling so incredibly 'light'. I realised I also clench my jaw during the day, so whenever I find myself doing that, I hear Neil's voice in my head saying "relax".

Neil also dug a little deeper into WHY I was teeth grinding and reasons for the stress I was feeling and ran through some exercises for tackling this in my own time - journaling, mindfulness, reframing how I think about certain things, encouraging me to feel assertive, exploring my values. I felt like I learnt a huge amount about myself.

Neil is friendly and welcoming and will also provide you with resources on top of the sessions e.g. the scientific/psychological process.

(AG, Rotherham)

Health & Social Anxiety

I came to Neil because I was having problems with my anxiety, it was stopping me going out and living the life I wanted to be living, I was stressed out a lot and struggled to get collage work done.


With Neil we went over where the anxiety came from and we went over many different ways of dealing with it such as breathing techniques and even self hypnosis. Not only did he teach me the techniques he also explained why they help and what they are doing to the mind and body as you do them.

I have been to therapists in the past and none have been able to do what Neil can do, in just a few sessions I could do things I never could have done before. I left every session feeling calm and relaxed and looked forward to the next time.


I have now completed the sessions with Neil and those anxieties are a thing of the past, I can now do all the things that I wanted to do for example going out and socialising and also getting more collage work done. Working with Neil has really changed me for the better. 


I 100% recommend Neil to anybody struggling with mental health, or if your just wanting to learn to manage stress or want some help trying to relax. I can use these techniques for many situations and working with Neil has overall made my life so much better.

I have been helped so much by going to him and it has really changed my life for the better. 

(BM, Sheffield College Student)


I went to see Neil as I felt if I didn't do something about how I was feeling I might do something really stupid to myself. I knew I was feeling very unhappy and possibly depressed. I chose to put my all into helping others, until one day it hit me that I couldn't cope anymore. I needed some professional help to get me through this.

Meeting Neil was the best thing I could ever have done. He made me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured that he could help me. Having listened to my issues Neil was able to create a programme that suited me best, this included, CBT, NLP and Hypnosis. Following this course I now have the tools I need to keep me grounded, positive and focussed on how to deal with my daily life.


Neil made the whole process enjoyable and there was no pressure, we agreed after our initial consultation the number of sessions required. Thanks Neil, I feel stronger and happier with myself and I feel I can deal with daily demands in a much more positive way.

(SH, Wakefield)


"Hi Neil hope your well. Just letting you know I feel I am doing really well since I saw you. I have started yoga, pillates, yin yoga and trigger point pillates lol. I am at the studio nearly everyday lol. I am not letting them put on me at work and not letting certain staff get to me. I am seeing all my friends more now, and doing more with Guy again. I still do the sleep hypnosis and relaxing hypnosis as well as sticking to all the other tools you gave me even thought I might not write it all down. It is in the head and pops up when things are not feeling right. I have also been looking for other jobs one I am particularly interesed in is disabilitites and complex needs. I am happier than I was and that is thanks to you. Oh and I am back in to my gardening and reading books. I will still keep in touch and keep you up to date. Hope all is well with you and you are still doing that wondeful work you do. Thank you so much!"

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

I contacted neil to find out if hypnotherapy would be a suitable option for me to address anxiety, depression and total lack of motivation. For over three years, I had been suffering from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, and a sever lack of self-preservation and motivation towards life in general. I was feeling emotionally exhausted, hopeless and anxious about seeing people in general, to the point where I had become very withdrawn.

Neil he made me feel very relaxed and gave me hope with addressing my issues. Neil tailored the treatment to my needs and used a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and coaching techniques, which I had not come across before. These sessions worked to help me identify and change my negative thinking patterns, learn new self-management skills, and build my self-esteem and confidence in myself and my new abilities.


My stress is now minimal and easily manageable. My depression has now lifted, and I am now pro-active and making big plans for my future. I now feel good about being me and I have a much more positive outlook, where my future now looks bright.

Engaging with Neil was like a breath of fresh air and gave me hope for the future. Neil is very approachable, knowledgeable, caring and passionate about the work he does. Within the first 10 minutes I felt totally comfortable with Neil where I could open up with my thoughts and feelings around painful traumatic issues in my past. I felt Neil really understood me due to his own life experiences, unlike other therapists I have seen.


The techniques and tools that Neil taught me have been invaluable to me and I continue to use these daily in shaping my new life.

I Highly recommend Neil to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, depression or any trauma.

(RCM, Barnsley)

Stress & Trauma

This guy is a genius and has a wealth of knowledge.

Through my session with Neil, I rediscovered and reconnected with my core values and i have gained numerous tools and skills to deal with my trauma and mental health, and I have also found myself again.

I will certainly recommend neil to anyone struggling with any trauma, mental health and a lack of idenity

(SW, Sheffield)

Social Anxiety

I came to see Neil to work on my Anxiety. The Main Practices that Neil has introduced me to that I feel have provided me with the most benefit are Journaling regularly, stating things I’m proud of  and what I have learnt each day, as I feel this has really improved my self esteem as it shows me that I am positively progressing day by day.


Also, to carry out thought records when I feel anxious to try and note my automatic thoughts in anxious situations and readjust them into thinking more positively. This technique has really helped me see situations in a better light; therefore I feel less anxious and more comfortable in situations that trigger my anxiety.

Cultivated Minds is a great practice, I would definitely recommend to others who are looking for Life Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy.

(CB, Undergraduate, Sheffield)


"Hi Neil hope your well. I've just received my results back this week from my degree and I'm delighted to say that I got a 1st. Just wanted to say thank you for the support you have given me throughout our sessions this year, as I belive that they have really helped in allowing me to stay on focused and achieve the result I did. Thank you for everything!

Teen Depression

I cannot recommend Neil highly enough after working with my 15 year old son whose mental health suffered greatly in February.


In the short time he has been seeing him he has provided him with the coping mechanisms and skills that have not only got him back on track now but will take him into adulthood too!


I am so pleased to ‘have my son back’ these sessions have been worth their weight in gold.

(SG, Sheffield)

Irretable Bowel syndrome (IBS)

Neil has been helping me with my IBS. Since seeing Neil, my IBS flare ups became less frequent to the point now where it very rearly happens.

Neil has helped me to establish my mind-body connection.

I highly recommend neil to anyone seeking help with thier IBS

(CL, Sheffield)

Fear of Heights & Spiders

I felt very nervous about the initial session to help with a height phobia that was getting out of control. neil made me feel very relaxed & I felt very calm at the end of the session. I have now managed to get the closest ever to the edge of Stanage Edge and felt quiet at ease. Still need to try other scenarios going forward but feel confident in now dealing with these.

The second session addressed my aracnophobia and I came away from the session again feeling calm and positive. I have now dealt with several 'critters' calmy although I have not encountered a large one yet but feel confident to deal with it.

Thanks Neil for all the help and I'll keep you posted.

(LT, Sheffield)

Fear of Surgery & Anasthetic

Hi Neil, I just wanted to let you know that the surgey went really well and I felt clam and relaxed both before and after the operation.

I also had my blood pressure checked at a local clinic that I attend and both the nurse and I were shocked to discover that my blood pressure had dropped in to the normal range for the first time in nearly two decades.

Thany you so much Neil for all your help and the extra hypnosis relaxation recordings you gave me.

I strongly recommend Neil to anyone who has a fear or phobia.

(BG, Barnsley)

Fear of Thunder (for 50 years)

Hi Neil, I just wanted to thank you so much for your session with mum. She says it has helped by some.

I've been overjoyed and in tears today over the news! - The result has exceeded my expectations by loads - we were all at a point that we thought there was nothing that could be done to help!

I think that they might want to ask you to come again at a later date as well (if you are willing).

CG, Rotherham)

Stop Smoking

I had a stop smoking session with Neil and it has worked wonders.

I wish I had done it years ago and I  felt safe and supported.

I recommed Neil to anyone who wants to stop smoking and improve thier health

Do it now, don't wait.

(PS, Sheffield)

Stop Smoking

I had already stopped smoking by replacing cigarettes with nicotine gum.

However, I was then stuck with another habit to nicotine gum and wanted to be free from it altogether.

After the session I had no interest in nicotine gum at all, it was amazing

I recommed Neil to anyone who wants to stop smoking or gewing nicotine gum.

(FA, Sheffield)

In-Person or Online Hypnotherapy in Sheffield 

In-Person Hypnotherapy

I offer in-person anxiety therapy servies so we are able to come together in a safe and comfertable place to resolve your current situation

Online Hypnotherapy

Whether you are more comfertable at home, live further away, or live outside the UK, I continue to serve clients globally via Zoom online.

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