Stress Management 

Are you stressed out most of the time, getting snappy with people, fell lethargic but can't sleep, lossing your appetite?

Feeling 'Burnt Out' & Suffering Chronic Stress ?

Chronic stress is a response to psychological and emotional pressure suffered over a prolonged period of time in which the individual perceives they are lossing control or have no control. 

Chronic stress involves the endocrine system response through which adrenail and cortisol (stress hormone) flooded through the body. This response is triggered by how we think of events in terms of: 1) has harm already be done, 2) is it a threat to my future, and 3) do i have the resources to cope. People tend to use:

  • Problem-focused coping: rational approach that attempts to change the situation by changing either something in the environment or how the person interacts with the environment

  • Emotion-focused coping: efforts to control the emotional distress associated with the situation

The HPA axis endocrine system has an inbuilt negative feedback loop whereby after short periods of normal stress the system shuts down and stops releasing adrenalin and cortisol. However, when an individual experiences excessive worrying the negative feedback loop fails and a continuous flow of adrenalin and coritsol is released. This causes numerous health problems through inflammation, skeletol-musculature tension-type headaches and migraines (especially linked to job stress), high blood pressure, inflammation in the circulatory system, disgetive problems e.g. bloating and other gut discomforts such as bowel muscle spasms. 

Alleviate Chronic stress with Hypnotherpay

If you suffer from burnt out or chronic stress, then its time to change. I can help you through a tailored combination of hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which will dramatically reduce your stress load. Together, we will identify the sources of stress in your life and explore how you cognitively perceive and react to these events. 

I will tailor a highly unique theraputic package that can address all of your unique personal needs. Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP means that you will experience a process that will enable you to naturally reduce your stress response levels, and equip you with a unique set of skills to successfully self manage stressful events.

Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you in three main ways:

1. I will use hypnosis to get you into a deeply relaxed state, reducing all the physical tension in your body, by triggereing your natural relaxation response. This will benefit numerous health problems, reduce inflammtion, lower blood pressure, relive headaches and migrains, and improve sleep.

2. If you are self-critical and have limiting beliefs, I will help you to modify your internal model of the world. This will enable you to make the necessary adjustments, overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs, and improving your emotional self-regulation.

3. I will teach you how to avoid unnecessary stress (e.g. learn how to say “no”), alter the situation (e.g. be willing to compromise), adapt to the stressor (e.g. reframe problems), and accept things you can't change (e.g. don’t try to control the uncontrollable).

Alongside this, I will teach you breathing and systemtic relaxation procedures. This treatment will provide you with the knowledge and skills to identify your stress triggers and manamage them effectively. I will support you to practise theses skills until they become natural and your stress levels are minimal.

Burn out and chronic stress, if left untreated can be very dangerous, affecting all aspects of life and can cause heart disease and hypertension, affecting work performance and personal relationships. However, with the right support stress can become manageable, enabling you to live a more balanced, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.​​

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