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  Clinical Hypnotherapy Sheffield

What is hypnotherapy ?

Firstly, many people often ask 'what is hypnosis'? So, the best way to think about is hypnosis is to understand that it is a trance-like state of deep absorbtion in which you have hightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is most commonly done with the help of a therapist using verabl laguage and mental imagery. 

Hypnotherapy is used for the purpose of gaining access to the subconscious mind where positive lasting changes can and will be made. Our sunconscious mind lays beneath the conscious mind and as such has no filters. On the other hand, the conscious mind has a critical filter where it's constantly running a process of evaluation through all our senses and makes judgements and decisions based on previous experiences, learning and beliefs.


The subconscious is the creative part of our mind where all our previous learning associations (beliefs) reside, such as our anxieties, depressive thoughts, and unhealthy habits such as smoking, over eating, fears, phobias and safety behaviours (avoidance). Some of theses are natural and helpful, whereas others are negative and restrictive and have slipped in through the conscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for helping you to let go of negativity and create a positive outlook on life.

How does hypnotherapy work ?

When someone is under hypnosis the brain starts to function in a different way. The side of the brain which is associated with analytical and critical thinking, the conscious mind, starts to decrease in activity. Whereas, the side of the brain which is associated with creativity and fluidity of thought, the subconscious mind, starts to increase in activity. So, hypnotherapy suppresses the conscious minds critical filter and opens access to the subconscious creative mind, where new learning and associations can be cultivated through hypnotic suggestions, at a deep and profound level.


Think of it this way, the brain is like a computer where multiple files are stored that provide us with instructions on how to think and behave. On a malfunctioning computer, some of these files have become corrupted (subconscious limiting beliefs/behaviours) and now affects the overall functioning of the system. Hypnotherapy can help you to delete those corrupted files and return the system back to its optimal functioning.


Hypnotherapy itself is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and is a very safe method of theraputic communication to the subconscious and positively influences new, more desirable healthy behaviours of choice.


Using clinical hypnotherapy, I will help you to achieve what it is you wish to achieve and you will always be safe and secure with the ability to achieve a natural positive outcome​​​

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ?

At its core, is the idea that we construct our own model of reality (map of the world) based on our experiences and how we represent them internally. Each person uses their own map to navigate themsleves through life. The models that are used can promote changes that enhance fulfilment and success, or at times can be limiting and restrictive.

NLP explores the thinking patterns, beliefs, values and experiences behind problems or goals. This enables people to make relevant adjustments to reorganise their world accordingly, which helps to reduce limiting beliefs, overcome stuck emotional and behavioural states, and generate new resources by extending a persons existing skills base. This gives a person a sense of having more control and therefore, a greater ability to create the life they truly desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make me do something I don't want to do ?

NO, hypnosis can not make you do anything you don't want to do. The reality is that you have probably seen stage hypnosis, where people appear to be made to do things they would not normally do.


However, the people who volunteer for stage hypnosis have a desire to be there up on the stage and, as such there is a form of compliance to silly hypnotic suggestions, and an element of conformaty to what they perceive to be expected of them, from both the hypnotists and all of the audiance watching. 

Can I be hypnotised ?

A well know study conducted at the Stanford University found that 90% of the population is hypnotisable. However, this finding came from using a relativley small number of hypnotic techniques.


Since then, the field of clinical hypnotherpay has greatly advanced through various new and extra techiques, which means that a hypnotherpay trance is even more accesible.


The only people who do not achieve the trance state are those, who for there own reasons do not want to. You can not be hypnotised forcebly against your own will. 

Can I get stuck in the trance ? 

The is no evidence of anyone ever becoming stuck in the hypnosis trance state. The reality is that hypnosis is a natural state which we all enter and exit all of the time.

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