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Stop Smoking

Have you tryed to stop smoking numerous times, and saying to yourself, "now is just not the right time"?  

Stop Smoking in One Session with Hypnotherapy

I fully understand how damaging smoking can be to an indiviuals health, and understand how most smokers would like to give up but are frigthened or worried at how difficult it can be, especially when based on past failure experiences.

I will tailor a unique combinitaion of motivational hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to suit your individual needs. Hypnotherapy has shown to be a very effective startergy for stopping smoking. 

If you are determined and willing to give it your best effort, I will do the same, and you will have a very high chance of stopping smoking in just one two hour session, becoming a non-smoker. You will come to the session as a smoker and leave as a non-smoker.

Together, we will discover when and why you smoke and what you percive to be the benefits of smoking for you. We will also explore your motivations for stopping smoking and strengthen theses during the treatment. This will help us to design a special personailsed protocol that will help you to break your smoking habit.

During the hypnotherpy session, I will help you to break your subconsious mechanisums, emotional stress, bordem, when drinking or after a meal, which maintain your smoking habit. I will help you to feel good about saying 'NO' to cigareets or tobacoo and smoking. 

Will I Gain Weight ?

Some people who use will power alone and/or other methods such as  patches or  gum do end up putting weight on. This is because they fail to understand the nature of engrained habits and how the brian will seek alternative methods to fill the void left by the habit that has been stopped. 

The brian will activley seek other quick fixes that tap into the same 'reward network' that was active during smoking. I am well aware that most people will replace one habit with another and, as such, I will safe guard you from developing any other unhelpful habits


During the session, I will help you to transfer the satisfaction you received from smoking to something that is better and healthier for you, a possible goal you have identified. I will also provide you with powerful suggestions in hypnosis that there will be no increase in your appitiate on becoming a non-smoker. Stop Smoking Neil Dolan Hypnotherapy Coaching Sheffield
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