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 Depression Hypnotherapy Sheffield

  What is Depression Hypnotherapy Sheffield Service?

Nearly everyone will feel sad or depressed at times becuase it is a normal reaction to loss and life's struggles. However, when intense sadness, such as feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless lasts days and weeks it can start have a serious impact on the quality of our life.

It can occur for a number of reasons and has many different triggers, such as upsetting or stressful life events, bereavment, divorce, illness, job worries or money worries. People often refere to a "downward spiral" of events that lead to rummination and depresssion.

And the more time you spend in negtaive introspection, the more likely it is for you to get swampped in your thoughts, view your self a failure and belive that things will never change. This is where depression hypnotherapy comes in.

Dpression hypnotherapy sheffield services helps individuals to relax their mind and move past that fog of menatl confusion, reconnect with clairty and see the goodness and beauty in life,

Depression: A Distorted Experience

Depression is the result of a servearly stressed out brain and is maintained for several reasons

1. The Brains Negativity Bias for Survival

The brain is hardwired for survival and is part of the ‘Fight, Flight, Freeze,, stress response system.

Depression is a function of the ‘Freeze’ part of that response which creates a kind of startled, staring into space, lost in thought tranced out state. This is because the brain has reached it’s capacity to function and is trying to shut down to conserve energy.

This causes a total depletion in serotonin, the feel good chemical, and leaves the brain swamped in stress and unable to get satisfaction from anything. So, we stop doing the things that we used to enjoy that fulfilled our basic emotional needs.

2.  Umet Basic Emotional needs

  • To give and recive quality attention

  • For intamacy, connection & community

  • For purpose, goals and meaning

  • Sense of control over your life

  • Sense of saftey & security

3. Depressive Thinking Styles

  • Negative introspection about basic needs that aren’t being met

  • Internalizing the negatives. ‘It;s all my fault

  • Globalizing single events to,  ‘Everything is ruined’

  • Pessimistic perspectives, ‘Nothing will ever change’

How Does Depression Hypnotherapy Sheffield Work?

Depression hypnotherapy, depression talking therapy or depression counselling are all forms of psychotherapy aimed at helping people to have a better relationship with their self.

Depression hypnotherapy services Sheffield involves me, an accredited psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist, talking to people about their issues and utilising hypnosis in a safe, quiet, and private environment.

When someone talks through their problems in this kind of setup, they begin to understand themselves better with the help of a trained professional. 

As an depression therapist, I have the training and expert insight to listen with empathy and unearth your individual challenges affecting how you think and feel. With this expertise we will explore, recognise, and guide you to resolve issues or conflicts affecting the way you think and feel.

Anxiety hypnotherapy Sheffield services goes deep and explores various aspects of your life when providing objective guidance towards self understanding and personal growth. 

With enhanced calm and emotional intelligence, healing begins. And you can often make changes that improve your daily life and improve your romantic relationships. 

"When I first meet Neil I was going the wrong way down a very dark tunnel. Now I am truly on my way towards the light. I have even halved my medication and looking to come of them soon. The first time I will have been off antidepressants in over 5 years. Thank you so much Neil - Dave R.

Alleviate Depression with Hypnotherapy Sheffield

If you suffer from depression, then its time to change. I can help you through a tailored combination of hypnotherapy and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is a effective form of treatment for depression. Depression tends to put people in a trance like state, a fix gaze whilst the mind is else where rumminating, and as such depression hypnosis is the ideal tool that will help you.

When you suffer from depression, it feels like nothing can ever help, and nothing will ever change. That is what depression does to your thinking. It makes you feel certain that you can never feel happy again.

It drains the pleasure from things you used to enjoy, makes you see everything through grey-tinted glasses and eradicates hope and energy. In short, depression is a parasite that feeds off your life.

But when you know how depression works; what it needs to sustain it, then you start to gain power over it and hope starts to sprout again.

The very first thing we will do in our session together is to ensure you understand why you are feeling this way. It has a lot to do with the levels of stress you are currently experiencing, which leads to physical as well as mental exhaustion.

Then I will work quickly to help you feel better by using deep relaxation with you. This is to prepare your brain to learn, because as you’ve probably noticed, depression makes it almost impossible to pay attention and retain information.

When you leave my clinic after that first session, I would expect you to feel better than you have in a long time. But of course, depression doesn’t shift overnight. In the following sessions, we will work together to:

  • reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing

  • resolve any practical problems that are causing you stress

  • work on any relationship difficulties you may be having

  • help you balance your thinking so you are not plagued by negative thoughts

  • as you feel better, gradually introduce elements to your life that will protect you from becoming depressed again

Depression if left untreated can lead to isolation and profound lonelines, affecting all aspects of life and personal relationships. However, with the right support you will be able to let go of negativity and develop a fresh positive outlook on life, which is fulfilling and satisfying.

 I approached Neil because I was struggling with my confidence, dealing with difficult people, single parenting, my self worth and self believe. I've sought help with my mental health for many years but never has anybody been as effective as Neil. I felt as though he had rewired my brain.

Neil reinforced my self belief with meditative tools that quite frankly, no one has ever used before. Neil coaches from a victim lead perspective and his knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm is inspiring. I can thank him enough. My vision is much more focused and positive." - Helen B.

In-Person or Online Depression Hypnotherapy in Sheffield 

Depression Hypnotherapy

I offer in-person depression therapy servies so we are able to come together in a safe and comfertable place to resolve your current situation

Depression Hypnotherapy

Whether you are more comfertable at home, live further away, or live outside the UK, I continue to serve clients globally via Zoom online.

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