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Your Treatment Fees

Therapy Pricing Structure

Treatment fees are the same for all conditions except Smoking Cessation and the Hypno-Gastric Band

  • Hypnotherapy - £95 per hour.

  • Smoking Cessation - £225 for a 2 hour session.


  • Hypno-Gastric Band - £495 for 5 x 1 hour session.

I offer a FREE, no obligation,  30 minutes telephone consultation prior to your first session so that you can make sure that I am the right therapist for you.

It is essential that you are comfortable and confident with the therapist that you chose. The therapeutic working alliance (between you & therapist) is the biggest single robust predictor of successful treatment.

The number of treatment sessions may vary depending on the depth of the issue and your individual needs.

Typically, after the first session I will ask you to book a further 3 or 4 session and then together we will re-evaluate from there.

Ultimately, my aim as a therapist is to help you move forwards quickly, effectively, and successfully beyond treatment.

Optional aftercare and support is offered, if you feel this would be beneficial while you adjust to your new way of life.


Also, please bear in mind that the hourly treatment fees rate also covers my additional time around planning and preparing your therapeutic interventions prior to each session.

All payments are required prior to sessions via BACS transfers.

Number of Sessions

Sessions Payments

Health Insurance Cover

If you are insured with Westfield Alternative Therapy Benefit you are now able to claim the cost of this therapy. 

Westfield members who have the 'Alternative Therapy Benefit' covered on their policy are now able to claim back the cost of certain treatments. 

Westfield state, 'You’ll receive money back towards the cost of a range of popular wellbeing and alternative therapies, which may help to relieve symptoms of a medical condition, aid recovery from illness or injury, alleviate stress or just simply improve your overall wellbeing. You can claim back 100% of the money you spend, up to the maximum allowance provided by your cover.

For more information please click on the below link:

Westfield: Your guide to Wellbeing & Alternative Therapies

If your covered, then all you need to do is fill out the westfield health claim form online. Fees Neil Dolan Hypnotherapy Coaching Sheffield

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