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Transformational Coaching

Once you fully understand that your whole experience comes from within you your mind-set shifts and starts to work

for you in 'exponential ways'

rather than against you in 'accidental ways'

In 2014, I went through a profoundly deep and meaningful change. Before then, I had hit rock bottom and was lost in addiction, homeless, rough sleeping, self-harming and had attempted suicide a number of times.

However, I overcame it all by re-organising and updating my 'Self-Concept' whilst at the same time building an 'Holistic Framework' for being, which has led to me living a far more 'Expansive Experience'. 

And, now I’m here to help you truly understand who you really are, figure out your passion and purpose,

 and become the best version of you!

Ready for a massive shift in your life? Follow me!

Hi there! And welcome to my world and the world of transformational coaching. I’m so happy you’re here and that you’re taking small steps towards transforming your life!

In order for you to understand transformational coaching I have put together some useful info from frequently asked Q&A’s.
So, lets jump in and get started!

What is transformational coaching?


Together, we embark on a powerful journey of self-exploration and self-discovery to help you become truly self-aware at a much deeper level. This process allows you to uncover your true ‘identity’. Who are you really? What are your values and beliefs? What is important to you, and what internal factors in your self-concept are holding you back.

Understanding yourself and your personal answers to these questions will give us a foundation to work on moving forward. 
Once you really understand yourself, you can then move forward more easily to figure out your real ‘passion’, uncover your true “WHY”, or your ‘purpose’, and then we co-create a detailed plan to make sure your goals, actions, and beliefs are aligned with that purpose.

What is your role as a transformational coach?

As transformational coaching is the “vehicle”, you can think of me as your personal guide. You’re in the driver’s seat. I’m merely the “GPS” helping you navigate any roadblocks and steering you back on track after any detours in your journey. I am here to accompany you and keep you moving ahead, even when there are bumps and troughs in the road.

As your transformational coach, as well as being your guide, I’m also your unbiased brainstorming buddy who is here to empower you throughout your own unique and insightful journey. I’ll provide ongoing accountability and support through the transformation process and help keep you on track and moving forward. Together we will also navigate any obstacles or challenges that arise.

What makes your transformational coach method unique?

It's my own journey, from addiction, mental ill health and all that fog of mental confusion, to where I am now, truly self-aware, unstoppable, and thriving in life, that severely shaped my unique approach to transformational life coaching

And because of my own experience, I use a dual approach in my transformational coaching method. I use the Japanese concept of ‘IKIGAI’ in its authentic way, NOT the biased Western Venn diagram you find on google, to help you set up a healthy framework for being, so that you can live a more holistic and expansive experience. While at the same time, we will take a deep dive in to your unconscious concept of self to make sure it is aligned to your new way of being.

My ultimate goal through transformational coaching is to upskill you with the tools and techniques, so that you can upgrade your ‘Self-Concept’ to become the best version of YOU. This will empower you with the confidence and the ability to truly look within, trust yourself and follow your innate intuition, discover your passion and purpose, and uncover your own solutions moving forward.

Unlike most transformational life coaches, who work at the surface and subsurface level of the mind, to change negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, I go much deeper than that. I go in at the base level. Where all your experiences, across all those different contexts, with all those different people, with all those different topics, across all those different points in time, reside in your memories. Most importantly, its not just about the memories you have, but how you organise and think about those memories that provides the basis for your ‘Self-Concept’.

This is where your impression of ‘Self’ is organised and built from. 

For me, true transformational life changes need to be durable and sustainable over time. And what I’ve discovered over the last decade is that this can only be achieved by changing the way in which you organise and structure your life experiences. This is the database of your life and it’s this database that informs and shapes your self-concept, which reside in your subconscious mind.
Have you ever behaved in an unusual manner and then said to yourself or someone else, ‘I wasn’t myself’? 
That’s because you are continually subconsciously evaluating your thoughts, feelings and behaviours against your concept of ‘Self’.

Becoming Self-Aware

It’s your self-concept that informs and dictates all your automatic thoughts and behaviours.

Have you ever tried to change yourself in some way and found that it doesn’t last, even though you’re thinking differently, more positively, and putting in your best effort? Have you tried positive affirmations or even tried the ‘Law of Attraction’ to get more of what you want?

Did they work? Probably not!

This is because you are only working on the surface and subsurface levels of the mind. You can change many things on a conscious level, but if your subconscious self-concept does not support these new ways of thinking then there’s a total mismatch going on, which only leads to more frustration and confusion.


Working at this deeper level means you are making changes directly to all your automatic thoughts and automatic behaviours at the deepest level of the mind. 

Why do you work at this deeper level?

Your self-Concept is what drives all your thoughts and behaviours at the deeper subconscious level, and this is the reason it’s very powerful. And it’s so powerful because it’s:

•    A very large generalization about the self
•    A system that creates continuity across time and space
•    A feed-forward system orientated towards the future
•    A recursive system that refers to itself and acts on itself

And, because your self-concept is such a large generalization, changes in it will spread throughout your life, and positively affect all other experiences far wider than you might imagine.


Our coaching sessions are a safe space for you to think, open up, and be more intentional about your goals and actions.
It’s not my role to tell you exactly what to do or to provide all the answers. What I am here to do is to ask you thought-provoking questions and help you dig deep to uncover your answers and solutions inside yourself. I’ll point out any limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that I’m hearing and help you see where you’re thinking is stuck or holding you back. 
At its core, coaching is a collaborative relationship. I see you as an equal partner in our journey together.

What is my life experience?

For over 20 years, I struggled with addictions. My mental and physical deterioration led to a world of turmoil, distress, anxiety, depression, self-harming and suicide etc. I was in such poor shape that at one point, whilst in hospital, my doctors though I would either die or have to have my leg amputated. This was one of the scariest moments of my life.

I felt so disassociated from the real world that it was almost as if I was a character in a disaster movie, felling trapped, isolated, scared, lonely and lost with it all. For a long time, I had accepted my fate and totally gave up on life. I had taken the easy option, but this change in 2013 when I met someone who opened my mind to possibilities. He encouraged me to attend a residential rehabilitation community for 6 months where they would help me, to find me.

This was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it was also the most rewarding thing I have done in my life. Whilst I was there, I dug my heals in and finally managed to climb out from the pit of despair and escape the addiction void. For the first time, since I was a teenager, I was healthy in every sense of the word. This is where my true journey began and my where my passion for understanding the mind and helping others emerged. Over the last 7 years I have been committed to helping people to better understand themselves and achieve the goals they desire.

I am now fully associated in the real world, my movie is no longer that of a disaster, but one of hope and inspiration to others. Over the last 7 years, I have literally taken myself from wanting to check out from life to achieving more than I ever thought was truly possible. I now have abundant wealth, and I am not talking about materialistic things because I know that all experience comes from within and not from the external world, I have a loving family, loving friends, and a meaningful career. I am fulfilled, and I am eager to help you overcome the obstacles you face, no matter how highly they seem stacked against you.

Together, we are going to drastically transform your life, so much so that people are going to wonder what the heck happened to you …… in a really good way.

Whether you're trying to rise from a deep and dark place or are simply looking for a new direction, with meaning and purpose, to a great success, you can have, do and, be all you want. I have been through it all, and I am living the life I once thought was impossible – a meaningful and fulfilling life of helping people like you to reach the pinnacle of their success. Transformational Coaching Neil Dolan Hypnotherapy Coaching Sheffield

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