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Below are some of the Genuine testimonials that I have recived from some of my clients, which you are welocme to read. 

If you would like to discuss your unique needs with me them please feel free to contact me in complete confidence, and together we will discuss the ways in which i can help you.

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

I contacted neil to find out if hypnotherapy would be a suitable option for me to address anxiety, depression and total lack of motivation. For over three years, I had been suffering from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, and a sever lack of self-preservation and motivation towards life in general. I was feeling emotionally exhausted, hopeless and anxious about seeing people in general, to the point where I had become very withdrawn.

Neil he made me feel very relaxed and gave me hope with addressing my issues. Neil tailored the treatment to my needs and used a mixture of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and coaching techniques, which I had not come across before. These sessions worked to help me identify and change my negative thinking patterns, learn new self-management skills, and build my self-esteem and confidence in myself and my new abilities.


Since my treatment with Neil, my anxiety is now minimal and easily manageable. My depression has now lifted, and I am now pro-active and making big plans for my future. I now feel good about being me and I have a much more positive outlook, where my future now looks bright.

Engaging with Neil was like a breath of fresh air and gave me hope for the future. Neil is very approachable, knowledgeable, caring and passionate about the work he does. Within the first 10 minutes I felt totally comfortable with Neil where I could open up with my thoughts and feelings around painful traumatic issues in my past. I felt Neil really understood me due to his own life experiences, unlike other therapists I have seen. The techniques and tools that Neil taught me have been invaluable to me and I continue to use these daily in shaping my new life. I Highly recommend Neil to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma.

(RCM, Barnsley)

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