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Is your addiction taking over your life, makes you feel better, then guilty later, and impacting on relationships? 

What is addiction ?

Addictive disorders are complex and can often result in significant consequences for the individula. The biological processes in the brian that cause addiction involve the 'reward pathways'.

The term addiction does not only refere to a dependence on substances such as alcohol, herion or cocaine. Some addictions involve the inability to stop partaking in activities such as eating, gambling, working, shoping, sex etc, and in these situations the person has a behavioural addiction. However, all addictions work the same way in the brain.


These reward pathways provide a 'rush' of feel good chemicals to 'reward' the addictive behaviour or substance abuse. Specific areas of the brian that are responsible for stress and self-control undergo long-term changes during addictions. The longer an addiction lasts the more profound these changes become and this is why individuals with addictive disorders have difficulties in abstaining from the addictive behaviours and/or any substance use.

When you think about addictions, and how the associated behaviour and/or use of a substance creates a 'feel good rush' in the brian, you can start to understand how addictions serve as a function of emotion or mood regulation. 

Addiction eleviates any psychological and emotional distress, for example bordem, low self-esteem, guilt, anger, feeling hurt, unfulfilled or stressed from work. 

Overcome Addiction with Hypnotherapy

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I will help you to challenge and change the way you you perceive your addiction. These techniques are extremely useful for breaking enternched habits and for developing new resourceful techniques that build up psychological resilience to events/experiences where addiction triggers occur.

When you suffer from an addiction, it feels like you have little to no control, and that you will always be this way. This is what an addiction does to your thinking. It makes you feel certain that you will never be free of it.

It bullies you into doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing, makes you feel trapped and lonely, and depressively taints your life. In short, addiction is an abusive relationship that pretends to make you happy, when really its hurting you on the inside and crushing your self-esteem.

Its feels like there’s a constant inner battle with the bully going off inside, as part of you doesn’t want to engage in that addiction, but likewise, there’s another part of you that does want to engage in the addiction. This inner conflict zaps your energy.

But when you know the true nature of addiction, and how that inner conflict can be resolved, you can start feel whole once more, as those dark cloud’s part and the sun shines through once more.

The first thing we will do in our session, is to make sure you truly understand why you are feeling this way. It has lots to do with the reward network in the brain, associated release of feel good chemical, and the role of safety behaviours that reinforce this.
The I will work quickly to help you feel better with out the need for that addiction.

When you leave my clinic after the first session, I would expect you to feel better, having a clearer understanding of addiction, and motivated towards resolving that addiction for good. But of course, addictions don’t lift overnight. In the following sessions, we will work together to:

  • boost your self-esteem

  • increase your motivation so that it becomes solid and remains a constant

  • reduce any distorted thinking styles and replace these with rational thinking styles

  • resolve that inner conflict, so that wasted energy can be redirected positively

  • identify your own unique skills, which will be strengthened through hypnosis, and integrated with new resourceful skills  

  • re-establish a solid sense of self

  • as you feel better and in control, we will build a replace prevention plan that will enable you to stay free from the tyranny of that addiction, protecting you from any potential future relapse. 


Addictions, if left untreated can be extremley destructive, not only to the individual but also to family members and loved ones.

However, with the right specialist support addiction can be overcome enabling you to live a more positive lifestyle. Addictions Neil Dolan Hypnotherapy Coaching Sheffield

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